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10 Jul 2018 Author Marlene Gray

Have you room for a summer top up?

Summer is a great time to buy your home heating oil! It’s the height of summer, and thinking about your home heating oil is probably one of the last things on your mind, but did you know that heating oil prices are currently at one of the lowest levels they have been in the the past month? Why not stock up while there is a dip in prices and before the end of summer rush? Oil price...

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8 Jun 2017 Author Marlene Gray

Oil Tank Maintenance

It’s very easy to forget about your oil tank tucked away in the garden when you’re not using your central heating so much during the summer months, but this can be the best time to think about your tank and check it’s in good condition. This could help you to avoid a nasty surprise in the middle of winter when you need your heating most.   There are some simple checks ...

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22 Jun 2016 Author Marlene Gray

Protect you oil tank from thieves!

The costs of taking oil tank security measures will be far outweighed by the peace of mind and knowledge that your oil is protected. As some fuel tanks have the capacity to store thousands of pounds worth of fuel it is worth taking some precautionary measures to protect it.   Padlocks A thief will usually come equipped with a limited range of tools to attack your tank so it’s w...

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