Oil Tank Maintenance

8 2017 Author: Marlene Gray

It’s very easy to forget about your oil tank tucked away in the garden when you’re not using your central heating so much during the summer months, but this can be the best time to think about your tank and check it’s in good condition. This could help you to avoid a nasty surprise in the middle of winter when you need your heating most.


There are some simple checks and safety measures you can take to ensure your tank is in a good condition:

  • Check for signs of damage, such as bulges, deep scratches, cracks, discolouration, rust or major dents.
  • Look for any oil that has leaked out of the tank, particularly around pipes, valves and seams.
  • Make sure that any external protection isn't filled with large amounts of water, oil, rubbish or plants.
  • Make sure that the space around the plant is clear and accessible, and don't allow plants to grow near it.
  • Make sure vents, gauges and access points are closed and protected so that rainwater, insects or dirt do not get into them.
  • Check that gauges and alarms are fully working, and in particular the batteries. Consult the manufacturer for advice on how to do this.
  • Keep an oil spill kit with drain blockers, leak-sealing putty and absorbent materials in the house in case of emergency.
  • Make sure your tank is only filled to around 80-90% of its capacity to avoid overfilling and ensure your tank has an overfill protection device or alarm.
  • To avoid your oil freezing or waxing you could consider building a heated enclosure around your tank – this step will also reduce the risk of water entering the tank.
  • Make sure your tank has a filter bowl fitted and it keep it clean to stop it from becoming clogged or blocked.
  • Have your oil filter changed each year when your furnace is professionally serviced.
  • Be alert to any oil smells near the tank and inspect the underside of above ground tanks for oil spots or drips.



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