About us

Fueling growth in the community

Starting as a small family business in 1989 delivering oil to friends and neighbours, we at Deighan Fuels have grown with the needs of our rural community. Today we employ six local drivers, delivering quality fuels to more than 7000 homes across the Northwest.

Our fleet of lorries is now a familiar sight on the roads in the Northwest, delivering Derv, Kerosene, Gas oil, as well as Kingspan and Titan oil tanks from our depot in Benone.

Although, as a company we may have grown, we have remained a family business with traditional family values. At Deighan Fuels we remain committed to bringing you low cost, high quality fuels that you can continue to rely upon.

Deighan Fuels
49 Catherine Street
BT49 9DA

Tel: 028 7772 9922
Fax: 028 7181 1157
Email: feedback@deighanfuels.co.uk